What type of recruitment solutions do you offer?

We offer a wide range of recruitment solutions. Whether you want permanent, contractual, seasonal, remote or executive placements, we have solutions for you.

How do you put value in your staffing operations?

We understand your business mission, vision and then work together to learn what you’re looking for. Once we step into your shoes, we find the best solution for your business to make a valuable addition to your team.

How long does it take to hire a candidate for a company?

It depends on the availability of our talent pool. Sometimes it can take a day or two and sometimes it can take a week. But depending upon the urgency, we can deliver according to the client’s time frame.

Are you an equal opportunity employer?

We ensure that all applicants receive equal opportunities based on their skills, talent and experience. We don’t encourage hiring on the basis of gender, race, or cultural background.

For what sectors do you recruit for?

We serve a variety of sectors across UAE including software houses, marketing agencies, logistics, hospitals, medical, banking, retail sectors, and insurance companies.

What process do you use to find the right talent?

We use the wealth of resources to pool the right talent including social media platforms and job searching websites. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art tech tools to keep a track of all the applicants and determine right talent for the company.

Do you keep the clients updated about the recruitment status?

Yes we do. We stay connected with our clients on WhatsApp and other communication tools to keep them updated about the recruitment status.

How do you measure the best candidate for a certain position?

We start by understanding what a client needs in terms of work, reliability, professionalism and education. Then we align the candidate for the position. We work on all aspects to ensure the best staffing across UAE.

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