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In compliance with the FTA Regulations, we are a Certified establishment, offering full VAT Management Functions.
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VAT Consultant in Dubai UAE

In compliance with the FTA Regulations, we are a Certified establishment, offering services to entrepreneurs who are kickstarting their business here in the U.A.E. Be updated with GCC VAT, impact studies about its changes, and more.

Full VAT Management

On January 1, 2018, the MENA region saw the first implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) on goods and services. Leading the pack was UAE and Saudi Arabia, others are excepted to follow in 2019. The main reason behind the Tax is for the general public to share the burden of budgetary expenditure. This is expected to contribute Dh12 billion to the UAE exchequer. The VAT is applied at a uniform rate of 5% per cent; therefore, the impact of the Tax on businesses and consumers should be minimal.
However, integrating VAT into the current business management system will affect your invoicing, accounting and auditing systems.
Our Management Consultancy service will take care of all your VAT Management Functions and also give you an advantage of:

  • Allocating your employees to other operations focused on the business.
  • Cut costs- rather than searching, hiring for VAT accountants.
  • Save time- with experienced FTA approved software.

Availing a specific VAT service only? Check out our VAT services below.

TAX burden
TAX on paper

VAT Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our experts will assist you in computations regarding input VAT, output VAT and complex calculations related to partial-exemptions and reverse charges.

With this service, we will also help you ascertain the correct VAT amount that you need to pay or receive from the government.

VAT Return Filing

Dynamic Logics offers proven expertise in VAT Return Filing.

As DLMC, our objective is to ensure that the return is covering all the information your company is required to include and at the same time fulfilling the relevant FTA requirements.

VAT Return filing includes:

  • Calculation of Reverse Charge mechanisms
  • The break down of sales in different emirates in the UAE
  • Calculation of the VAT repayable or Refundable from the FTA with the proper submission of your VAT returns and reduce the risks for penalties.

VAT Documents Support

It is a Federal Tax Authority (FTA) requirement to maintain transaction or property records for a minimum of 5 or more years, and 15 years for those who own Real Estates.
Therefore we will provide you with a wide-range of record-keeping support to keep all VAT documents maintained, including VAT invoices.
VAT Invoice:
These documents are required to follow a specific format, and this applies to both the Manual and Electronic Invoicing. It will be our responsibility to keep them up to date.
Furthermore, we will secure and maintain the records, either at your company or with us.

Books of records
Tax pic

VAT Training

Dynamic Logics provides in-house & external training, we also host seminars, to keep you and your staff fully up to date with the legislation related to VAT in your sector.

We provide our services with analysis and advice on law changes, cases, and UAE Federal Tax Authority’s current views and guidelines.

VAT Registration

Need guidance through the VAT registration process?

Ensure your company is legally registered and be aware of penalties of non – compliance to avoid unnecessary charges.

It is also important to determine the classification of VATable goods & services (i.e. Taxable @5%, Zero rated, etc). Allow us to help you ascertain whether your supplies and revenue sources are VAT complied.

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