Quick guide for getting MOH license for Medical Professionals

All medical professionals looking to grow their career in the UAE have to undergo a procedure that allows them to carry out their activities. These procedures are examinations conducted by the relevant medical bodies that oversee healthcare practices in the UAE. The bodies are such as the Ministry of Health {MOH}, Dubai health Authority {DHA}, or the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi {HAAD}. Whereas, these bodies are Emirates oriented, the Ministry of Health is the body that grants the license to work across the seven Emirates of the UAE. However, Dubai and the Abu Dhabi Emirates are excluded from this list. We have compiled for you a guide that highlights the procedure of getting an approved MOH license for you.


To kick off your journey as a physician in the UAE, you shall be required to visit the MOH website. Here submit all your details including personal information, your picture, passport, and other requirements. After which you have to pay a set amount of registration fee using your credit card or any viable means of payment. The body then assigns you an account manager whose mandate is to review your documents, and they either approve or reject them. 

You can be able to log into the website and check on the progress of your application. In case of rejection, you are presented with a valid explanation as to why your application failed to be successful. The causes vary from typing errors in the presented documents or failing to include essential certifications. Therefore, you can assess the mistakes and re-submit the documents back. The process usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks to verify and after they are done with the verification, send you a mail advising you that you can proceed to the next step.

The dataflow process

After the first step of approval is rendered successful, the data flow process begins. You get to be sent a link and the payment required. In this stage, you get to present your academic merits, internship certificates, current local license, and other necessary documents that may be required by the data flow processing body. After you have made the payment, you have to wait for the body to review your submitted documents for a period of 30 to 40 days. But this is subject to changes according to the ease at which your local licensing body presents the required information to the UAE body.

The data flow team in your native country pays a visit to the institutions that you documented in your papers. They attest to the legitimacy of your information and play a major role in your proposal approval process. When your information has been processed and approved at this point, you are taken to the next step of gaining your MOH medical license.

The MOH examination stage

This comes after you have gone through the first and the second stages successfully. Once a positive dataflow report is released, now you get to book a Prometric examination conducted by the MOH. The examination dates are posted on their website thus making it easy for you to choose the date that perfectly fits into your schedule. You get to book through an externally accredited examining body that you are linked to, and their payment information is made available. 

The exam explores deeper knowledge in the medical field, not just the straight forward issues. This entails how well you can respond to dire situations in real-life occurrences. Cheating is against the protocols and this automatically makes you a non-viable applicant. Therefore, you should practice top-notch integrity measures and seek the right revision materials to help you excel in the tests. Look for Prometric organizations that can help you research intensively on the real exam by taking MOCK exams offering content similar to the real exam. You get to be allowed to retake the examination for a maximum duration of 4 sittings in case of failure. After, which you get disqualified entirely by the MOH licensing body. On passing this stage, your license gets approved and you get the chance to work as a medical professional in the 5 Emirates across the UAE.


The above-detailed procedure presents you with all the information that you need to gain a valid MOH medical license in the UAE. The process is quite intensive but upon passing all stages your license is made available to you in no time. We hope the article proves to be useful to you in your venture of starting your medical career in the UAE.

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