Property Research Consultancy

We support clients by strategic decision making in building, developing, buying & selling property

Real Estate Benchmarking

We perform property performance data and analytics. Our benchmarking service provides business intelligence for real estate occupiers in the United Arab Emirates to measure the performance of their property and compare this performance with the external perspective of other organizations.


Our service includes:

  • Efficiency performance analysis (cost, space, & utilization) for national portfolios.
  • Measuring the impact of workspace on employee productivity.
  • Up to date benchmarking data for occupiers & Real estate professionals.
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Buy & Lease Analysis

Deciding on a location for a business is one of the most critical choices for a business owner. Likewise, the decision on whether to lease (rent) or buy the property should be highly considered. We adapt our services to fit working on behalf of a landowner, developer, investor, or any type of client.

The factors we consider include:

  • Interest rates (spot rate and future rates)
  • Negotiability
  • The flexibility of leasing arrangements
  • Growth rate
  • Facility Expenses
  • Current market prices

Property Selling

We provide effective business techniques based on our local up to date knowledge to help you find the right kind of buyer for your property in UAE. Our experienced team members work together to produce a target based plan to enable you to achieve what you want and expect from your property.


Initially starting with valuing your property and giving advice that can make your property more desirable to the public, we will create the right marketing plan, to advertise your property, and we will guide and advise you throughout the whole process.

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