Things to know if you want to work in the medical industry in UAE

Are you looking to launch or grow your medical career in the UAE? Well, some factors require your attention because securing a job in the gulf does not come easy. The UAE has grown to be a meeting hub for many expatriates from all over the world and therefore is a great land to utilize your medical experience. More than 80% of people living in the UAE are not Emirati citizens, you are assured that you will be meeting and interacting with a lot of different cultures. This country boasts an abundantly developed healthcare system with a range of top private and public institutions that offer top-notch medical services. We have compiled a list of factors you have to look into so that you can familiarize yourself with the UAE medical sector.

Familiarize Yourself With The Prospective Grounds

This implies that you have to know if your area of specialization is in demand in the country. The population is largely comprised of young people in their prime active ages therefore some services are in demand and others are not. Therefore it will be easier to secure jobs in areas where there is a constant demand for your services. These opportunities are such as pediatricians, gynecologists, among others that focus on middle-aged masses going back to young ages. It may not be easy for you to learn about the demand of your field unless you get someone who can give you first-hand information. This would require finding someone already living in the UAE.

Maintain A Cautious Approach To Recruitment Agencies

While most recruitment agencies out there are just looking to make money. You need to approach certain advertisements with extreme care. Some agencies use sweet luring words to attract you to join but in the end, you may end up frustrated. You may end up falling into traps where the agency asks for a small fee to connect you to the employer. However, not all recruitment agencies are fraudulent and will deliver to you the results just as promised. Most of the time, these institutions commit to hide the employers’ and job information or are just looking to add prospective candidates for job openings in the future.

Gain the right licensing knowledge

Ensuring you gain a local UAE valid license puts you in top advantage in the job market. This is because your prospective employers will scrutinize if you have been licensed by the local licensing firm and from which country your original license is from. It’s crucial to have the local license as it’s the only document that allows you to commence work in the country. The ease at which you can get the license processed will be determined by the country that you originate from. Implying that there are medical boards from certain countries that are considered top priorities. These are boards from countries like Germany, France, Netherlands, America, and Canada among others. Practitioners from these boards receive immediate registration while others have to wait for a couple of months.  

Have top persistence qualities

While most practitioners look for new opportunities now and then, a large percentage end up in the same place they were before. This is because the UAE offers very competitive openings that are not available for long durations of time. It requires you to have a strong heart and keep checking on openings that may pop up in your clinical specialization. The filtering standards of these jobs are extremely thorough and it is very unlikely for you to get picked as the right candidate if your qualifications miss their target requirement.

Get your searching right

Look for the right channels to base your job search on. This will save you a lot of time and let you get a straight path to prospective employers. Several websites have been set up where you can post your work profiles and the employers can see if you meet their standards. The site also offers opportunities to companies to post their job openings so this factor lets you browse through the various opening available. Here you can apply for what fits your career thus saving you the mental stress of having to go through a third party when connecting to your future employer.


The UAE offers lucrative benefits to expatriates from foreign countries working there. These are like tax-free income, paid leaves, and work benefits among others. Therefore follow the right channels and ensure you target the right firms that require your services. This will place you at the top chances and you can end up getting hired and begin your journey working in the UAE.

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