How to secure a job in UAE market? The Do’s and Don’ts

How to secure a job in UAE market

Are you job prospecting in the UAE? Job hunting can be mind boggling especially in this millennial generation. Landing a job that pays well is next to impossible these days. You may have the right education, the correct skills for the job but if you need to have a mastery of what is needed in the job market to get that offer letter delivered in your mail box. Finding a job in Dubai comes with lots of requirements and in this article we are going to provide a detailed guidance on what to do or not to do when trying to secure a job in the UAE. This guide will run you through the most important steps and information, including visas, sponsorship, where to look for jobs and interview tips. This dos and don’ts list will help you in your journey to finding a job and start working in the UAE easily.

Draft You CV Correctly

The first step to any employment is usually the academic qualification for the job, the previous experience and skills to do the job. When searching for a decent job in the UAE, ensure that your curriculum vitae is update with your recent qualifications and experience. Most UAE employers will first look at your CV to ascertain whether you are the right fit for the job they are hiring for. To make your CV stand out among thousands that the employer may receive, ensure that it has no spelling mistakes, no gaps and inconsistences in the employment history. Also, make your CV easy to understand by avoiding fancy font style and colors. Make it simple for the reader to concentrate on the contents of your CV. Your CV is your representation so it should have zero errors, let it directly reflect who you are to the reader.

Do Formal Research Of The Company

Before submitting your application to any job advertised, referred to or recommended it is advisable to do your own formal research about the company. Reading about the company will give you an idea on what is expected of you, what they do, what their values are and their mission. It will help you make the right decision to apply to that vacant position in the company. It also aids you to craft your CV accordingly, your past experience may be relevant to their mission as a company and that will be a plus when you apply for that job in the UAE.

How to secure a job in UAE market?

Get The Right Visa

The UAE employment policy allows foreign people to apply for jobs in the UAE. If you are a non-native in the UAE, it is number one requirement that you acquire a valid work Visa to be allowed to work in UAE. If you are going to be employed by a UAE registered company, getting a Visa is easy since they will process everything on your behalf. It is also possible to acquire a work Visa when you are travelling on a tourist Visa. Upon successful job application, your tourist Visa can be changed to a work visa instantly. You should not acquire a Visa before coming to UAE, one is usually given a visa upon their arrival in the country.

Obtain Your Health And Labor Cards

Successful job applicants in UAE are required to submit their medical records, passports, job offer letter and Visa to the Department of health and medical services in Dubai. Ensure you comply with all the blood tests to ascertain you are not a carrier of any diseases. Currently, the UAE health authorities have passed a mandatory law that all foreign visitors or workers should be tested for COVID-19 before being allowed into the country. Also, ensure you obtain your labor card from the Ministry of Labor, this shows that you are legally allowed to work in UAE. The final legal documents is a residence visa, as a foreigner, you can obtain this document from Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs.

Consider A Recruiting Agency

Although you might find luck with job boards, LinkedIn job market, and applying on company’s website, getting a UAE job through a recruitment agency is much easier. Many UAE businesses hire professionals through headhunters. Working with an agency is the best way to secure a job within the emirate. You might consider trying Dynamic Logics Management Consultancy, they have many years of recruitment experience and they never fail. If you decide to work with a recruiter, choose one which takes commission from the employer’s side not your side. Beware of scammers who collect high fees from jobseekers with promises of good jobs.

Never Break Any Emirati Laws

Lastly, to have a seamless working experience in UAE, ensure that you obey all the sovereign laws. If found to have broken any statute laws or against any labor laws, your employment contract will be revoked and you can be jailed.


Working in UAE is enjoyable if you follow all the guidelines put in place. Good luck as you consider working in UAE.

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