How can I keep my remote workers engaged?

How can I keep my remote workers engaged

Employee engagement should be on every organization’s agenda, especially since higher levels of engagement can increase productivity and morale, which in turn can lead to absenteeism and increased profitability. Having defined this mutual obligation, the definition of obligation can be interpreted in different ways depending on the nature of the business environment. Remote working is becoming common practice in many industries. During the COVID-19 pandemic, more companies than ever before are allowing their employees to work from home to help flatten the curve and protect the vulnerable.

Remote employee engagement is necessary to manage a remote team, company, or employee, more focused efforts for remote employees to interact with others. Lack of interaction can lead to isolation and loneliness, a lack of passion for the company’s vision or goals, and feelings of unhappiness and undervaluation.

Here are some great hacks for companies that can keep engage remote workers.

Define goals for remote workers

According to studies, 39% of people who work from home complete their tasks faster than in regular jobs. However, to set them up for success, employers must set clear and measurable goals for their remote workers. In remote teams, where communication is difficult and something may be lost during translation, it is important to understand your duties and responsibilities clearly.

How can I keep my remote workers engaged
How can I keep my remote workers engaged?

Building a culture of communication

Employees crave connection and want to feel involved. They want to share what is happening in their lives, funny moments, and jokes and build relationships with their colleagues. Creating a culture of interaction means recognizing that employees are more than just workers. They are people with unique backgrounds, interests and ideas. Managers must play a leading role in creating spaces where employees feel safe, themselves and share what sets them apart. One way managers can do this is by spending some time at the beginning of the meeting in a light-hearted conversation.

Communicate regularly

Arranging periodic virtual or face-to-face meetings across the company is critical to help everyone stay on the same page and understand the company’s core values. This is especially true for remote employees who are unable to communicate with their colleagues in person on a daily basis.

Gamify your teamwork

Gamification, the use of gaming elements in a non-gaming environment, has become a popular tactic for companies to drive customer loyalty and engagement in a fun way. The same tactics of rewarding competition and rewards for day to day activities can be an effective strategy for employee engagement. This is especially important for telecommuters who may feel they are missing out on vital career opportunities due to their physical absence.

Check back often and be active

Because remote teams can feel disconnected, managers who lead remote teams must be available. Meeting telecommuters frequently is a great way to help them overcome the challenges of telecommuting. It may be too late to wait for the employee to respond. In fact, many of them would never decide to raise the issue themselves. Frequently ask a simple question such as, “How can I help you be more productive and feel more connected.” In conclusion, keeping remote workers engaged, dedicated, and happy comes down to a simple rule: Communication is key!

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