Corporate Training Services in Dubai

Corporate Training

Instead of allocating most of your time in searching for that right person and spending your cash on recruitment costs and hiring fees; invest in resources to provide training events that can be beneficial for your staff.

The aim is to help your employees develop specific skills and knowledge and fill out the needs of your operations that the business requires to achieve its goals and bring success.

Improving the efficiency of your staff will contribute to some of these benefits which include an increase in productivity which will boost business profitability and growth.


Considering whether to provide corporate training to your employees?

Investing in your employees is as good as investing in your business. By training them you are helping the business be successful.


  • Enabling them to develop their capabilities further and have a continuing development
  • Allowing them to be open to opportunities (such as) through their potential leading to high employee satisfaction
  • Increasing their self-esteem and thus contribute to the business
  • reduce costs – help lower the employee turnover rate of business.
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VAT Training / Tally ERP Training

We offer support in broadening your accountants’ knowledge in terms of Value Added Tax matters; and help them benefit further with the use of Tally ERP, a trusted accounting software featuring a fast and flexible system to manage your data in different statements. With our assistance and experience in training, we will ensure that your accountants quickly learn with ease and be accustomed to it.

We are a certified Tally ERP Partner; that means we will provide you with the latest copy of the software, carry out installation and maintenance to ensure smooth working of operations.

General Staff Training

Delegate any general training that you require to be coached to your personnel. We execute this by studying the type of training you request and considering factors such as the type of industry in understanding your business.

Provision of our training services:

We can provide you training services in-house or on-site; prioritizing the convenience for our clients. When training, we adopt a reasonable and adjustable pace that will balance the content covered and employee understanding. We, therefore, utilize various methods including the latest technological training methods that will bring comprehensible and excellent quality lectures.


At the end of the training, we survey the employees to ascertain areas that need further learning to complete the programme.

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