Common mistakes while making your Resumes

Common mistakes while making your resumes

A resume is a manuscript created and used by someone to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. In most cases, it is made to help a candidate to land a new job. An effective resume consists of a professional summary, work history, and education sections. It works like your job hunt marketing document.

What are the purposes of an effective resume?

The purposes of an effective resume are;

· To introduce yourself to your prospective employers,

· Impress your prospective employers

· Provide a snapshot of your career

· Demonstrate your communication skills

· Present your qualifications

· Secure an interview

The goal of writing an effective resume is to showcase your experience, education, and skills in a standardized format, which is easy for recruiters to read.

Your effective resume may open doors, but it likely won’t get you the keys, if you get our meaning. Remember, they are looking to hire a person, not a piece of paper, so more than just your effective resume will be under review during the hiring process.

Cannot get a job after sending hundreds of effective resumes that only get rejected by employers?

Job hunting is not a bed of roses. The lack of service not only has a crush on your bank account but your self-assurance. Here are the common mistakes while making your effective resumes that you should avoid getting a good job.

Using the Same Resume For Multiple Job Applications

It usually happens that due to lack of time, people are sending a similar version of their resume to several job openings that need different skills or knowledge.

Even when the corporations are in a similar industry, their culture and needs might differ. Thus, your job application needs to be familiar with each exacting job you are applying for.

Including Personal Information

In the past, employers might have asked personal information like your marital status, your nationality, religious viewpoint, but this is not the case anymore because it is unlawful for employers to ask and make their hiring decisions on factors such as those.

Consequently, you should not use precious space for including information that the employer may not apply, and instead focus on showing how you are the ideal fit for the position they announced.

Writing Too Much Text

Occasionally “Less is more,” and this principle also relates in the case of your job application. Focus on content quality, not quantity. Too much information might divert the employer or recruiter from understanding how you can add value to their job opening. Write less and brief sentences starting with an action verb focus on your success, and use numbers or percentages when feasible.

Outdated, Unreadable, or Fancy Fonts

The font you are selecting has a significant impact on your application’s readability, so it is not advised to apply fonts that might be hard to read or fonts that are too wasteful. Ensure your recruiters with increased readability making sure your job application will be read and well understood.

Spelling or Grammar Mistakes

Sometimes, one single spelling or grammar error might be the obstacle between you and your dream profession. By having these kinds of mistakes in your job application, it depicts the recruiter or employer that you did not take the job application process sincerely, and you are not entirely loyal. Before you mail your application, ensure you proofread it and give it to someone you trust as well for reading it, since you might be biased.

Being Too Ambiguous

When talking about examples of your successes, instead of use that it took you a “few” or “some” months to end a project, mention precisely the period you worked on it “Successfully executed the project in 4 months.”

By being too vague, your content might sound like it was made up and it is not dependable.


Make your resume unique and give it a catchy look. It is the document that enables you to have a call later. So pay attention, consider mistakes as mentioned earlier and not do silly things while making your resumes.

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