Auditing Services in Dubai UAE

Auditing Services in Dubai UAE

An audit report is a document that any investor trusts to learn about the strength of a company. Independent audit is the basis for making decisions in capital markets. Stakeholders seek to obtain a responsible and objective opinion from independent auditors, and the main goal of our professional auditors in the UAE is to provide that assurance.

Auditing Services in Dubai UAE

Why do you need an audit?

Contrary to what you might think, the audit is very beneficial for the company. As a provider of professional audit services in the UAE, we have been able to help many companies get an accurate picture of the company’s financial condition. This is very important for planning expansion and investments. An audit will also help you determine if your company fully complies with the country’s accounting laws.

The main advantage is that the audit report will assist you to know about any risk and help you manage the risk effectively. Using our auditing services in Dubai UAE will help you present the exact financial picture of the company to your shareholders and earn their trust. Over time, more and more companies need an audit report. The UAE government has insisted that all organizations prepare it.

  • Review and analysis of internal control procedures
  • Accuracy and reliability of financial statements
  • Effectiveness of operating procedures
  • Identifying problems and their root causes
  • Corrective Action Recommendations
  • Ensuring the safety and optimal use of assets
  • Assessment of potential risk and loss

Internal audit services

Internal audit plays a decisive role in the company’s corporate governance and operations. Besides, to make sure that the company complies with terms and conditions, internal audit monitors operating outcomes and verifies the accuracy of accounting and audit trajectories. It assists the company to achieve its goals by applying a disciplined and systematic approach to assessing and improving the effectiveness of its control, risk management, and governance processes. They protect against or misuse fraud, waste and seek to identify failures in internal controls.

Statutory audit services

A statutory audit is a legal procedure that is needed to check the accuracy of financial statements and records of an organization. It is a mandatory audit to evaluate the activities of government agencies. A statutory audit in most countries is called an external audit.

External audit services

An external audit is a regular review of procedures and/or documentations performed by certified auditors who are not part of the organization to be audited. This helps the government and organizations to verify accounting documents. An external audit can be performed for or from third parties. Prepares an external audit to evaluate the performance of the company’s financial position.

We believe that Auditing Services in Dubai UAE should be viewed as an opportunity and not as an overhead. By keeping you updated with the latest financial statements and relevant legal and technical developments throughout the annual cycle, and by providing the information you need to maximize the potential of your business, we believe that our company’s processes can really help improve operations of your business. With robust audit tools, resources and procedures, deliver high-quality audit services while maintaining the highest standards of independence, technical excellence, professional objectivity and ethics. As part of our strategy to continually service performance, improve audit quality, and customer service delivery are continually assessed throughout the process.

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