Accounting & Bookkeeping Services in Dubai

We will do your accounting, so you can focus more on business management.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The increase in economic competition in the UAE has left business owners to unable to manage their business because of their focus in accounts & finance. Hence, Dynamic Logics is offering outsourced Accounting & bookkeeping Services designed for your specific Industry

We give out monthly financial reports depending on the company’s needs.

Such as:

  • VAT Return Report
  • Profit and Loss and other comprehensive income report
  • Balanced Sheet Report
  • Sales & Purchases report

Past/Historical Accounting

In some cases business owners are focused more on managing their businesses than their Accounting & Finance, therefore there isn’t any financial records in the company for past years. Hence, Dynamic Logics is offering outsourced Past/historical Accounting Services designed for your specific Industry

We give out financial reports according to specified years depending on the company’s needs.

Such as:

  • Profit and Loss and other comprehensive income report
  • Balanced Sheet Report
  • Sales & Purchases report
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Accounting Advisory Services

We make sure that we provide the necessary steps in making your business achieve its targets and is able to keep moving and grow in the industry. For a new business or for someone who is expanding his business, accounting will usually be trickier . this is where accounting advisory service takes place.

We will guide you with all the right and accurate information about managing your business.

External Audit Support

In whichever ERP System a company uses, from the most compelx to the easiest system. Our role is to express our opinion on whether the information presented in your organization’s financial statements are true and fair with the accordance of the financial position.

We will help you understand the significant risks you will probably face. We have a systematic approach to accurately identify the level of assurance which can possibly be placed on the internal control environment.

Outsourcing these services to us will be beneficial because the cost to train and develop specialist resources for this type of services may not be beneficial for the amount of time they employ those skills. It takes years of hands-on experience to ensure all internal control deficiencies are uncovered

Internal Audit

We can provide many services to help you improve the performance and value of internal audit within the context of your overall risk management structure

  • We will work with your management to define, identify, establish and implement an internal audit function.
  • We will work with your existing finance department to perform risk assessments and redesign their audit plans and approach according to your business strategy and the areas affecting shareholder value.
  • Improving your finance department through providing internal audit related training.
  • We Provide Monthly quality review of your Internal Audit Function and its strategies.
  • We are flexible in order to be able to better serve clients’ needs that are in line with your timetable, demands and sense of urgency.
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Forensic Investigations

Investigations raging from simple to complex, we aim to provide protection against political exposure, bribery & penalties.

If you have experienced financial loss, regulatory enforcement is the subject of a legal claim. We will assist you to recover financially and operationally. We will provide the assurance you need to satisfy regulators, shareholders, executives, & Staff.

This service however will apply depending on a company’s situation, feel free to contact us to set up appointments to discuss your various concerns.

Chief Financial Officer

As CFOs we have the responsibility of protecting the key assets of the company by properly assessing and managing all financial risks.  We oversee the capital structure of the company in order to determine the optimum mix of debt, equity and internal financing required to meet the company’s objectives.


  • Operational Efficiency
  • Strategy Development
  • Increase profitability
  • Reduced cost
  • Better business decisions
  • Sustainable benefits
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